Overview of the DT Hub

The DT Hub is a shiftable planetary hub drive system for Class 8 trucks. The original design was created in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with the input of a German engineering and manufacturing firm. DT Planetaries Inc. is an Edmonton company in the business of marketing, installing and servicing this one of a kind hub system.

The DT Hub system uses mechanical springs to hold the shift clutch in direct drive and air pressure to shift the clutch and then hold the system in planetary drive. The planetary gear set stays (disengaged) in direct drive for high-speed highway operations. The direct drive is determined by the crown and pinion gear ratio of the truck. Shifting into planetary drive for low speed off-highway or heavy haul use will produce a 3-to-1 gear reduction in the wheel end of the hub.

The DT Planetary Hub System makes one truck capable to perform both high speed highway operation in direct drive and, when in planetary drive, low speed and high torque for those off-road soft ground applications with heavy weights.

DT Planetaries Inc. Brochure

Read up on the features of DT Hubs, and the benefits you'll see once your set is installed.

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See the DT Hub in Action

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